Thoughts on Attitudes, Exorcism, Demonology and EMF


• Is homosexuality the same as bestiality?
• Are homosexuals more promiscuous than heterosexuals?
• Will homosexual people burn in hell forever?

These are some of the questions asked in a survey made 5 years ago. The study was performed by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons from the Barna Group and resulted in a book. The book “unChristian” reveals that young people perceive Christianity to be anti-homosexual, judgmental, hypocritical, too political, sheltered, and proselytizing.
I can only imagine the kind of questions over issues ventilated in the churches, on congresses and conferences. I believe that many churches and temples within the Jewish and Christian faith are deeply divided. Christianity who pride themselves on having an open heart, open minds and open doors, they often send entirely different messages to their fellow human beings.

What do people, who have left their congregations, think of the church and its members? Thinking of the whole situation with anti-gay preachings and thoughtless, judgmental statements sent out from chuch pulpits.
The study shows that “Busters and Mosaics” (Terms to specify young people aged 16-29) do not have a good opinion of Christians. According to Kinnaman’s study, here are the percentages of people outside the church who think that the following words describe present-day Christianity:

• Antihomosexual 91%
• Judgmental 87%
• Hypocritical 85%
• Old-fashioned 78%
• Too political 75%
• Out of touch with reality 72%
• Insensitive to others 70%
• Boring 68%

There are believers who are trying to meet with gay people on the “second floor half” in this game called “Can you be Christian/Jew/Muslim and Gay?” in a tentative attempt to counter the homosexual person with love and caring. I mention “Christian” first, given that they are most eager to convert homosexuals and they are anxious to build and to keep a good relationship with their fellow human beings.

Why do we have such problems with the Christian religion? Why are not Jews and Muslims on the warpath? I would expect that. Earlier in our bloody world history they became scapegoats, why can they not act as good examples as a good force in society even harder?

Do our fellow Christians see and understand that they have abandoned homosexual people in their congregations or in families? Maybe they are lost for ever because of what the Bible is believed to say or due to people’s antipathy toward homosexuals? What will ever happen to these people who have been abandoned? Are we inclusive or exclusive?

Many Christian efforts are admirable, I love them for that, but often it becomes misplaced in doing this attempt to make a prudent approach. For we should not forget from where this division and reluctant attitude towards fellow human beings comes from; it comes from the people of the churches managed by a Biblical literalism. We must of course understand that many churches really want to offer what they perceive as a helping hand to the person in their congregation who happens to be “gay”; “Ex-gay therapy,” exorcism or even a try to understanding and affirming the person fully. The latter is perhaps not as likely, but one can never know.

The reason why the whole approach often becomes incorrect, is because the different groups are speaking “different languages,” words and expressions have different meanings for people. Not infrequently, a linguistic barrier arises due to generational differences and the ages of those involved in the conversation. So it is very important that they are brave enough to sometimes adapt the use of language that is common “on the street.” A sacred “Caananite tongue” for the already initiated is not enough to reach out to people in general.

Often, homosexual persons in our congregations and schuls feel exposed, often misunderstood, because the people involved are talking past each other. They will not listen to each other. So that means that we do not only have a linguistic problem, but also that pastors or deacons must know how to approach a person and to get knowledge and empathy for that person’s life situation. It is important not to use a pompous language in the conversation with the person to impress with your knowledge, or to completely make the other person feel totally ignored and useless.


My lifes journey has taken me on an exciting journey. I am a person who have seen much, heard much wisdom, met loads of interesting people and read interesting, captivating books. For me who have studied many religions; Hinduism, Islam, Norse paganism, Christianity and Judaism, as well as philosophy, both contemporary and ancient, I have tried to see a consistency in these different faith systems concerning how the image of man has changed through the ages. Specifically, I have been interested in groups in society that have not been “comme-il-faut” or who have not stuck to the prevailing propriety. I would easily fit into such a group and actually enjoy it. But I have had a distance to this “world,” because there is something within me, not allowing me to be too committed, not to let anything get power over me, which sounds almost Biblical.

It is hard to keep up with the discussions sometimes. But I have always gone on the basis of my own person and situation, and proceeded from there in my thoughts. In my own personality, which has been characterised by an interest of aesthetic subjects and sometimes also esoteric interests, I have since early childhood, borne a thought or a knowledge that I was “different,” first it was in a positive and a surprising way I discovered the new side of me. The positive was soon replaced by a bitter experience when I became a member of a Christian church. For more details of that period, see my post “Pray the Gay away Pt 1.”

In my luggage from the past, I had my great interest in spirituality and religious life, and I had early on gained knowledge about myself as well as most of the people who stood close to me. Then my sexuality, strangely enough, became a natural part of my strength of identity. I have often wondered how it could happen. There were none in my life that caused anxiety about it, no explanation from my childhood environment.

What surprises me now, as I have reached the golden middle age and have studied this in depth, I have still a lot of questions. Not questions about my roots and my upbringing, they are clear, but more about the preconceptions about myself I have adopted. Where do they come from? Have I “inherited” them from other people’s prejudices about me? I did not have to face “homophobia” (strange word in this concept) as a child and I was not abused, seduced or bullied, so I can not understand in what context I became aware of my sexuality. I was born and raised in a very strong and caring family with a similar strong formation. A formation where the elderly took care of the younger, in my case, my three older siblings. Not only that, neighbors had control of their own and good control over their neighbors’ children too.

It was a social control, kind of, but without being insulting or offensive. So, my early life and the individuals who came and went in my childhood years, can not give any derivation to my sexuality. Another thing I remember is that kids did not talk about gay or queer types when I grew up. I would think that was because we did not have to concern ourselves with this, or rather, the words and expressions did not exist in Swedish back then, I guess.

What I recall I heard resembling sexual harassment, was not until in Junior High. I was 13 years old when I first heard the words “gay,” “sissy” and “whore” or their Swedish counterparts. The interesting thing is that already at that time, they used these words in bullying as a general disparaging description of someone, but never as an expression of someone’s sexual orientation. I mean, even teacher’s, male and females, were called these things!

Conclusion so far; as I have stated earlier in my blog, I was not seduced by anyone. Do not ask me where all this came from, I was not sexually active or abused by any of Dad’s friends. I did not even get seduced by my mother’s female friends. And once again, my father was not more absent than other fathers because he was working like others. And my mother was not violent or overly courteous.

Between the age of 10-18 I worked in our family business, a grocery store, after the school day. When that was done, I often went home and prepared for dinner. After dinner, I went to the store and cleaned the floors and filled the goods on the shelves, so that everything would be fine when mom and my older brother opened the store the next day. And my long walks with my dog in the evening after dinner and homework. So there were no time to creep around in the hay with a guy! That would have been a nice and exciting break in my childhood…in my dreams…! That was my Country Boy life between the age of 10-18.


With the risk of sounding repetitive, I have mentioned it before and I do it again. I feel confident and safe to say that it is my belief that I am (as well as all of us) a spiritual being making physical experiences in this life, where I gather so much knowledge and experiences as possible. You see, there seems to have been certain dimensions in religiosity that is lost today, gone through ages of Bible translations and interpretations but hopefully we can find them again. Read carefully my thoughts: The meaning with everything in life is not to fight, struggle or shout with the loudest voice, but to be silent, awaiting to be able to listen inwardly to G-d and to make us grow and develop to obtaining the completeness that HaShem has created us to. That is our starting point and final point in life and all the way into eternity. No one is excluded.

A thought-provoking story: When our souls journey is over, and we are “on the other shore,” when we are at home, we will see a great light; some of us may become terrified or confused by all the new events and that strong light surrounding us with a strange but pleasant feeling of a presence. Someone takes the courage and asks: “Is there anyone here?”
And a voice replies: “I am the light that you see, you are surrounded by my presence in the flooding light.”

Now I understand if a righteous Bible scholar begins to doubt, “what on earth was that?” This was a short version of an after death experience of a person who died on the operating table in a hospital after an accident. She was resuscitated by surgeons and doctors and was able to tell her story. What happened was that she experienced her own death where she was immidiately surrounded by a warm, wonderful and welcoming floding light.

The thing is that, this woman was not religious in any way, but after her experience, her life was changed, she became more empathic and understanding, more helpful to fellow human beings and more concerned about aid work. That goes for almost all stories I have heard through the years, told by Christians, Jews, Muslims and other people. If the inspiration comes to me, maybe I can develope this and share with you some of the stories, because it takes a whole Post of its own to write about. This was a parenthesis, sorry.


The goal is not in any way to become perfect, a great and important man who all have to look up to, on the contrary; it is all about Oneness with G-d.
This is my definition of spirituality. Because of this inner strength, I have survived despite the fact that I have been kicked out, abused and abandoned by the world’s united religions, although I have kept my religious life. I had to go my own way seeking G-d without mediators in the form of a church or a temple that more and more resemble human thought constructions.

I have not found any support for an anti-gay rhetoric in the holy Scriptures, I’m sorry. I have searched everywhere in all kinds of Bibles and translations. Nothing about pro-gay or anti-gay, not an eternally burning fire for the wicked gays and most of all, there is no hell, except for those who created the concept to enslave other people and make them believe in this blind fanaticism. I believe that we create our own hell, that is the absence of peace, affection and love.

In spite of all quasi-scientific facts with religious undertones I have read and heard about, I do not fit into the ideal image of a gay man, because my sexuality is not the only one of all the traits that I have been given to be used for my spiritual development. Hopefully it may also be a help for my fellow human beings. My sexuality has given me an extra dose of compassion and empathy, which would have been just a memory if I had been born today and my mother would have used a “hormone treatment” to get rid of my detestable traits. Talk about throwing out the baby with the bathwater!

Finally, let me stress that the Christian Bibles and the Jewish Tanach, has nothing to say about today’s LGBT people. I do not say this because I am gay. And no, I have no fear of death, been there, done that and I have survived two suicide attempts. I do not know why I survived, but I know why I did the attempts. That was to get rid of the “ghosts” (not possessions) I got in exchange for the failed ex-gay therapy and the exorcism and all the threats plus not to feel welcomed to my home town.


Let’s get technical. I happen to know quite a lot about spirits and demons, because after the episode with the church, the therapy and the exorcism and all, I became interested in the Paranormal. I am an Empath, remember? I joined a local group of investigators; “Stockholm Ghost Society”, I have been in contact with “Ghost Hunters International” and I am also a long-term member of “Association TransCommunication” (Previously known as the AA-EVP.) So, I learned a lot, I even came in contact with people from Chicago, dealing with EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) so I adopted a lot of new skills in that genre as well, but as I have mentioned elsewhere in my blog, I have always been interested in spirituality, but with the difference that I do not play clairvoyant, I do not use my skills to be someone I am not. I never try to pull demons out of people as what happens today in our Swedish churches. There are currently several legal cases going on today where Christian evangelical congregations all around Sweden have conducted seances and exorcism that even have included children. And even if Sweden does not have any “anti-exorcism” laws, other laws can be applied in these cases, such as child abuse, abduction or detention of any person against his will, threats, violence and extortion, just to mention a few laws.

By the way, it is not evil spirits we are dealing with here! I know from my church back home, that all stuff that happens someone that is thought to be a possession by an evil spirit, may perhaps be a psychological disorder or a disease!

As what happened to an old lady in my congregation, an old sister in the Lord who had been a member for almost 40 years. She got attacks sometimes, that members of the congregation believed was possession. The problem was that she suffered from schizophrenia. No one in the church even bothered to take some time to talk to her. But I learned to know her, and she told me about her problems with her sickness. She was very sad. I had a talk with the church board after that. She suffered hard, both from her sickness and to be labeled as possessed, it is a cruel and inhuman behavior toward another human being!

Here’s how it is. The so called “spirits” that may reside in another body, as in a spirit-possession, are in all cases temporary outbursts caused by religious ecstasy and other emotional expressions, it can be caused by psychosis or schizophrenia, not evil spirits. Who are we to judge another person, when we all have been created by G-d with a soul, a spirit? All is not evil spirits. Most evil derives from man himself. This is not a game. If a spirit lingers in a room or a house or within a persons body(?) I am 100% certain that they are NOT spirits from dead people, or devils. Regarding an alleged spirit is suspected of causing ghost activity in a house, for example, we have to look at natural causes before we draw any conclusions.

A little funny thing happened shortly before a sunday morning sermon. A guy would operate the audio mixer during a sermon. After the meeting, he said that he felt the Holy Spirit so strong when he handled the sound system. I did not reflect much over it until I did a routine check on the PA system a week later. I discovered that it was a ground fault in the audio mixer, that made the mixer electrified. My friend had a spiritual experience, I call it short circuit!

That is what so called “ghost hunt” is about; not so much about ghosts and spirits, but more about EMF, noise from water pipes, floors that creak, someone talking in the sleep in the next room and other influences in the environment! In the case of the so called demon possessed person, that may not be the problem, it is more likely superstition, prejudice and ignorance that is the problem. Just general knowledge is what it takes. That is another topic I may touch upon later, who knows.

Often times it may be electromagnetic fields (EMF) that affect the sensitivity of a person complaining over ghostly activities or, even visual or audible activities. This is caused by a hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields, which is a syndrome.

“Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) is usually defined as a condition where an individual experiences adverse health effects that he or she believes is due to exposure to objects that emit electromagnetic fields.” (Source: US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health.)
In Sweden they had debates in the late 80’s early 90’s about this increasing problem, I mean, today we are surrounded by TV sets, stereo, computers, media devices, wireless Internet, routers, mobile phones. We are constantly connected to some electronic devices and constantly bombarded with electromagnetic radiation. Research has led to a classification system for mobile phones; “Specific Absorption Rate” (SAR) for Cellular Phones, for mobile phones for outgoing radiation, where the limits are set for how much a mobile may radiate.

We see that EMF can play tricks on religious people and exorcists as well as Ghost Hunters. I have seen all categories of people get completely ripped off because of their preconceived “observations.” What do you rather believe; ghosts and evil “gay spirits” or natural causes, such as electromagnetic fields or something psychological? Just imagine a train driver who is often exposed to strong electromagnetic fields by the powerful electric engines, they often complain of headaches and a burning sensation in their bodies. Sometimes, patients suffering from EMF fields have even reported that they have had extra-sensory perception (ESP), which is widely considered to be a paranormal phenomenon.

So, my conclusion from this is that sometimes it seems that people want to play Ghost Hunters, without knowing what they are doing. An invitation to my brothers and sister among Christianity, Islam and Judaism who may attempt a career in exorcism; put down your plans, they lead nowhere, except for mental ill health to fellow human being and an unhealthy spirituality for all those involved!
Now for something completely different.


You have probably heard that your microwave owen is safe from radiation of microwaves, no?
Well, here’s a test for you. We know that the microwave oven is a Faraday Cage, so to speak (Google that). That cage is constructed in a way that no radiosignals or elecromagnetic radiation can leak out. Please, keep children away from this experiment!

1. Turn on your cell-phone (we just call them mobile phones)
2. Put your mobile phone in the microwave oven and close the door! Yes, you copy that?
3. DO NOT turn on the oven!
4. Call your mobile phone from an extra telephone, e.g. your friend’s mobile phone or your home phone.
5. See what’s happening!

So, what happened? I’m sure that the signals went up and it rang in your mobile phone inside the microwave owen, right?
Here we have a serious problem, at least in Europe, where most microwave ovens are made in Southeast Asia, where they have not so careful controls of the equipment.

Here’s How:
Your microwave oven works as a “Faraday Cage”. It is like a protected shield where no signals would have come from the outside in to your cell-phone inside the microwave owen. In this case the signals went through, showing us that it was not protective enough. That would certainly mean that the microwave oven also could leaks microwaves out in the environment while in function, which can be harmful to your health.

Now, it is not the time to go into detail on all the excitement I ever experienced, but one thing I want to emphasize – you should be aware of pastors and preachers who say they engage in exorcism and expulsion of gay spirits, there are no satanic forces engaged here, this is about people who cheat and exploit others’ beliefs. A person have been made to believe that he is possessed by evil “gay spirits”. Since I have come out from the church and studied this phenomenon, I have seen what is going on in several of our churches! Playing with peoples emotions and religious belief is a lethal weapon in the hands of unscrupulous doomsday preachers.

It is 100% sheer bluff and quackery! I have a link to an exorcism on my blog Pray The Gay Away Part 2. The link can be found in the fourth paragraph where it says “exorcism” in the body text.

In 1945, engineer Percy Spencer visited an electronics- and weapons factory where he was looking at a so-called magnetron, used for radars. While he studied the device, he noticed that a chocolate bar in his pocket began to melt. “Maybe it’s the magnetron microwave that caused it,” Spencer thought. Then he held a bag of corn kernels in front of the machine, soon the whole bag shook when the grains became popcorn! The experiment showed that microwaves could be used to heat the food. The microwave oven was born! The first microwave oven was 1,5m high and weighning 350kg.

“unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity… and Why It Matters”
Author: David Kinnaman
Publisher: Baker Books
Publication: 2007

David Kinnaman
Barna Research Group
EMF and Faraday Cages
Association TransCommunication
Stockholm Ghost Society (Stockholm Ghost Walk)

© 2012 Jonathan Axelsson
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