Hate crimes against Jews and Muslims in Sweden

It is about Human rights again. Swedish media continues to report on anti-Semitism in Sweden. Now the attention is again the situation in Malmö, Sweden’s second city.
I have previously written about this problem in my articles, and the problems seem to continue. Today’s edition of Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish newspaper, writes a long article on the situation in Malmo. See links below.

An anti-Semitic poster outside the Jewish synagogue in Malmo (photo: Radio Sweden)

• 25% of hate crimes against Jews coming from right-wing extremists.
• Malmo is above the national average, even compared to the other two larger cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg, in terms of the number of anti-Semitic crimes.

The article begins with interviews with residents in Malmo, which states in an interview that a preschool has been target of a terrorist attack and stone throwing and parents refuse to let their children go there. Stone throwing against this school was just one of several incidents.

At a preschool, a glass company inserts new armored glass in the windows, while the work is monitored by security personnel. The board of this preschool decided that enough was enough, something must be done. “You can not pretend that the problems do not exist.” The board started going out with information about the situation, and this led to increased hate crime statistics! [It seems that the leaders in municipal councils and organizations have not performed a thorough investigation of hate crimes. That way there are no problems of hate crimes in the statistics.]

Before we continue, watch this Israeli documentary from 2010 that I have long been looking for. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city! But it saddens me that people cannot be friends. We all have equal value, regardless of how we categorise and calculate.


Israel’s IBA News Reports on Situation of Jews in Sweden
Leah Zinder, a reporter from the English IBA News in Israel, recently travelled to Sweden’s capital Stockholm in order to get a first-hand glance at the growing anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli atmosphere in the country. First appearance: August 21, 2010.

[Video uploaded by Israel Up Close on Vimeo.] Visit IBA News


• In connection with the events in the Gaza Strip, Jewish demonstrators are being attacked in Malmo with anti-Semitic slogans.
• The Davis Cup tennis tournament between Sweden and Israel is played without spectators, this for security reasons.

• Several news media in the country, reports that the number of reported hate crimes against Jews in Malmo has doubled in one year. Municipality Chairman Ilmar Reepalu (Social Democratic Party), expresses in the media in a manner that is perceived as equating Zionism and anti-Zionism. He said afterwards that he had been quoted in a wrong way. Reepalu and representatives of the Jewish community have a meeting and after that, “Malmö Dialogue forum” is formed, with the intention to reduce tensions between various population groups.
• In July 2010, fireworks were fired outside the entrance to the Jewish synagogue.
• Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, warns the world’s Jews not to go to Malmo.

• Representatives of the Simon Wiesenthal Center will visit Malmo to meet municipality Chairman Reepalu.

• Reepalu says in an interview that the Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats, formerly linked to anti-Semitic organizations) have infiltrated the Jewish Congregation in Malmo, a statement he later regretted that he said.
• Anna Rosenthal, president Obama’s envoy for combating anti-Semitism, visits Malmo and criticizes Reepalu for his anti-Semitic language.
• September 28, 2012, during the celebration of Yom Kippur, the windows of the Jewish community are crushed and explosives detonate at the synagogue door. Two young men are arrested.

Not just the Jewish people have suffered on account of discriminatory manifestations;
40% of Sweden’s total of 150 Muslim congregations, have been subject to hate crimes, according to a report made by the university Mitt-Universitetet.

Read more news on Sweden:

Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism
• Hate crimes put to the test everyday – Today’s article Svenska Dagbladet with Google Translate
• Four images of everyday life as a Jew in Malmo – Today on Svenska Dagbladet with Google Translate
• Attack on Malmö Jewish centre ruled a hate crime – The Local

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