Dutch far-right politician comes to Sweden

“Muslims are intolerant of homosexuals, and we should be intolerant of the intolerant.” So said Geert Wilders, in an interview with the BBC in June 2011. The leader of the Dutch right-wing party, Partij Voor de Vrijhejd (Party For Freedom), has in other interviews called Islam for barbarism, backwardness and fascism. This weekend, Sweden is visited by the Dutch leader Wilders.


The Swedish blog Queers Against Pinkwashing has written extensively about the rhetoric uttered by both right-wing, as well as left-wing political groups. To read more, see link to their website below. As I have mentioned in a previous article, to gain support for their discriminatory political opinions, groups such as EDL, SION, Swedish Defence League and other groups, gladly emphasize their support for other groups in society, this time, once again the LGBTQI community.

There have been allegations that members of the EDL and SION tried to infiltrate the Swedish gay community and particularly the Stockholm Pride parade in August 4, 2012 with deceptive claims that they, as a non-racist organization, supports the homosexual’s cause, this in order to gain support for their racist views. [From my article Retrospect on a right-wing extremist month.]

“Muslims are intolerant of homosexuals, and we should be intolerant of the intolerant.” That was said by Geert Wilders, in an interview with the BBC in June 2011. The leader of the Dutch, extreme right-wing party, Partij Voor de Vrijhejd, has in other interviews been calling Islam for barbarism, backwardness and fascism. To embrace gay rights while making anti-Islamic statements, Wilders is using a technique called “pinkwashing.” One way to use LGBTQI rights to describe their racist and Islamophobic rhetoric liberal, often according to the model of “here comes the Muslims and threaten our gays and lesbians.” We see a well known pattern. It is a treacherous approach with the intention of sneaking their racist ideas into the political agenda, by showing how they support other victimized groups in society, in this case gay people.

Geert Wilders comes to Malmö this Saturday October 27, after an invitation from the Swedish Freedom of the Press Association. A group founded by, among others, journalist Ingrid Carlqvist who also attended the “Stop Islamisation of Nation’s” (SION) conference in New York on 11 september 2012, where one of the speakers was the Swedish artist Lars Vilks.
[About Vilks, see link to my article, below.]

According to Queers Against Pinkwashing blog [see link below,] the Defence League teams have this year also mobilized around Pride festivals in England and Finland [as well as Sweden.] They are, just like Geert Wilders, a new kind of extreme right who renounced hate against homosexuals and anti-Semitism, but instead they put Muslims and Islam as a threat to “their” culture and “their” values. There it is, this rhetoric from right-wing extremists made for entering the European political call because they invoke liberal values ​​for gay rights and freedom.

One thing I can not understand, why now using LGBTQI issues in a political agenda, that has nothing to do with gay rights? We have seen this before. Who can know for sure what agenda they have, today, LGBTQI people are used as an argument and as a tool against the alleged Muslim extremism, and in the next breath, they can change their views. Who knows, in order to further express their right-wing political views, maybe in the future they may well turn against LGBTQI people? The ends justify all means, as it seems!


Born September 6, 1963 in Venlo, a Dutch politician. He has been a Member of Parliament since 1998, first for the liberal People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, and from 2006 for the Party for Freedom (PVV). He founded the PVV and is its party leader. Wilders is best known for his criticism of Islamism.


On January 20, 2009, a lawsuit against Geert Wilders was made. He is accused of hate crimes to repeated discriminatory public statements, including an Islam critical film known as Fitna he made in 2008. Wilders was ordered to appear before the Court on January 20, 2010. In October 2010, Wilders lawyer demanded that the judges would be replaced because they were biased in the case. On October 22, an investigation on Wilders’ rights, which meant that new judges must be appointed and a new judicial review take place.

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