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Thoughts on All Saints Day 2012

In life, you always come to crossroads, where one has to make choices. Choices in life that sometimes implies separation from the people they have come to love. Choices that sometimes implies leaving something or someone that you will miss. … Continue reading

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God In Disguise – Poetic protest against Nazism 1933

For a change to my writings, I want to offer you a piece of poetry that is also set to music; Förklädd Gud – God In Disguise. The background to the creation of this lyrical work is interesting and it … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur – Aseret Yemei Teshuva

The first 10 days of Tishrei, consisting of Rosh Hashanah (two days), Yom Kippur and the days between them, is a favourable time to correct our shortcomings and come closer to G-d. In Hebrew these days are called Aseret Yemei … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah 5773 – The Jewish New Year

Today’s Quote “This is a joyful time for millions of people around the world. But Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are also opportunities for reflection. They represent a chance to take stock of our lives and look forward to the … Continue reading

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Valborgsmässa – Walpurgis Eve in Sweden

Walpurgis Night is a night of celebrations on the last day of April to welcome the springtime in the Nordic countries, not so much a family celebration as a public. People gather round the “May bonfire”, singing and enjoying and … Continue reading

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Welcome to Tzedaqyal

This is my first article posted 29th of Adar, 5772 (Mars 23, 2012) Welcome to the Meadow of Tzedaqyal. This is a compilation of texts that I have written about religion and other topics from fall of 2011 and forward. … Continue reading

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